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discover egypt and why you should buy or rent here

Egypt, a country with one of the most ancient histories in the world. The country of Pharaohs, Mummies and Pyramids. Two great deserts, Sahara and Sinai, the Nile and his fertile Delta. It’s a country with many discoveries, but maybe even more mysteries. Join us and discover Egypt!

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7 Reasons why you should look into Egypt ...


It is incredibly cheap to buy property in Egypt

Compared to other sunny places worldwide. In Hurghada there are already options from 25,000 euros, and then you already have a apartment with 1 bedroom. Studios are available from 15,000 euros. In addition, there are so-called compounds in which you can invest with a payment plan. Then you make a down payment, for example, 30% and you can spread the rest over 2 -3 or even 4 years. Our advice is to buy something that is completly finished.


Egypt has a favourable tax policy

Actually there is no tax obstacle, or minimum value of the property. You pay 3% tax on the purchase value. The only thing important is to hire a reliable partner who knows his way around Egypt and has contacts there.


The investment climate is booming

In 2019 tourism rose by 49%, making it the 4th safest country in the world. New laws have recently been passed stating who now has land or has a building in scaffolding. This must also be completed within 2 years, otherwise the government will take it back. In addition, everyone knows that real estate prices rise over the years. So don't wait too long because they are rising very fast at the moment.


Low Cost Of Living

Investing of course and reaping the revenues from rental. This speaks for itself. But Egypt has so much more to offer...

The food is fantastic and much healthier than in our western civilization! What is very pleasant for yourself or for the people who go in a holiday there is the cost of living. This is many times lower than elsewhere, dining in a restaurant with 4 people for example costs near 40 euros. A kitchen with a marble top costs as much as just the marble top in The Netherlands


The amazing weather

Egypt has a very nice climate. Good weather all year round, in January it can be 21 degrees. The sea temperatures are even such, that you can just dive and/ or snorkel the whole year.

Egypt is famous for being one of the most beautiful places in the world to dive.

A nice side effect is that the sea temperature is always so high that sharks, who are dangerous for humans, do not want to swim there. They find it too hot over there.



The people are incredibly friendly… they are always talking to each other and also to foreigners. If you meet them on the street, they will smile at you and say hello. Therefore they are also very helpful if you need something, for example in a store, they pack the groceries for you as standard. Often they put it in the car for you as well!


Rich in culture

People talk about Egypt as a third world country, as you may see. But then one that is actually no longer, perhaps that the criteria must be adjusted.

The fact is that human civilization there centuries ago was at least as intelligent as we are now! Come and see the Great Pyramids. The incredible numbers and dimensions of those make you understand why.

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