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Finding your Home comes with many different options. Are you looking for a house, Villa or apartment to buy or to rent? Do you buy that property to live in or do you want to rent it out? Maybe you want to buy another place, but you need to sell your old property as well. We can help you with all these things so you don’t have to do it alone.

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Buying a house, vacation home or Apartment

Maybe you have that long-held dream of buying a home abroad. With a rising housing market, now is the time to buy a property in Egypt. Beautiful apartments and even vilas in and outside several compounds. The house prices are significantly lower than in Europe so you’ll get more value for your money. A luxurious house or vacation home in a beautiful environment. We strive to have a versatile property offer and are always prepared to find you the property that you are looking for!

selling your Property

We don’t just put a “For sale” sign at the door. In the current market it is important that your home or apartment is properly brought to the attention. 

Due to our network in Hurghada and the Benelux and even beyond, we have many potential buyers for your property. We are happy to arrange this for you if you want to sell your purchase again.

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Renting a house, vacation home or Apartment

You love Egypt and you like to spend more time here. You don’t want to buy a property, but you wish to have your own place to return to here. You are looking for a rental. We offer various rental homes and apartments. For a holiday period but also long term we always have several options available. Check out our online rentals or just contact us and let us know what your needs and wishes are. 

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Rent a Property

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Facility Management

We take care of renting out your Property

If you have made a purchase and you want to rent it out, we can also fully arrange this for you. We have the expertise and the channels to offer your property worldwide, and can take this completely off your hands for a small monthly fee. Professional photos and making a website by our people is also possible. In addition, we can also manage complete maintenance, cleaning, key management and transfer for your customers and your objects. Inquire about the possibilities.

As with a house sale it is extremely important to bring your property to everybody’s attention. Especially if you want to rent it out to locals or tourists.

Of course we also take care of the contracts and make sure your tenant pays the rent always in time.  

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