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Green Contract what is this?

Maybe you have heard about it, but you actually don't know what it is. The Green Contract explained...

What kind of document is the Green Contract?

The “green contract” got its name because of the green seals that are put on the document in the process of its approval in 7 different organizations.

The Green Contract is issued by the ARE (Arab Republic of Egypt) government authorities in the name of one or more property owners.

The Green Contract is not a free-form document. Its appearance and content are regulated by the Law of the Republic of Egypt, No. 114 of 1964 (Law on Entry into Private Property of Rights to Real Estate).

What does a Green Contract say

Green contract is a document confirming that the real estate specified in it and its current owner are in the Unified State Register of Real Estate in Egypt.

The availability of the Green Contract guarantees the inviolability of a property by the state.
The Green Contract is issued only in two cities of Egypt – Qena and Cairo.

Having the Green Contract for a property, such as an apartment, is only possible if the developer has the Green Contract for the building in which the property is located or for the land on which it is built.
To obtain the Green Contract, it is necessary to complete the construction of the building.

How to obtain a Green Contract

To go through the procedure for obtaining the Green Contract, the property owner needs to collect a certain package of documents:
• The technical passport for your property, which is issued by the Hurghada technical supervision service;
• The contract of sale of your property, registered in the court of Hurghada;
• Your power of attorney and all powers of attorney from the previous owners of the property;
• The certificate of registration with the tax authority, as well as the certificate of the market value of the registered property and a tax return;
• Contracts with the energy company and city water supply;
• The power of attorney for a lawyer authorized to represent the interests of the owner;
• A copy of a valid passport;
Since the documents must be written in Arabic, it is better to entrust their implementation to a reliable lawyer or a legal office.

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