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It all started years ago, when Ted and Amanda fell in love with the beautiful country Egypt. Not only because of the rich culture and the beautiful weather, but also because of the amazing people. Incredibly friendly and helpful. Always offering a helping hand and a smile.

Know The Industry

Years Of Experience In Real Estate in the Benelux and Egypt

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth, both financial affluence and emotional security.”

Suze Orman

understand the market

At some point we decided to buy an apartment ourselves. That is where we met Sabry Omar. A lawyer you need to check and legalize everything. This man also turned out to have the necessary knowledge of real estate and the local market. As a result, we now have knowledge of the local market in Hurghada, supplemented with national expertise: that is the recipe for our success!

Build People's Dreams

With our help you will always find a suitable studio, apartment, house or a good buyer or tenant! This can be in a normal neighborhood or in a resort. Due to our contacts with the owners of various resorts, we have the opportunity to offer this directly to you. That is the best way to make your (second) home dream really come true!

Work Hard to Succeed

We accompany you throughout the process of buying, selling, renting or renting out an object. We offer you the full and secure package! This means that our lawyer checks all the associated permits and deeds in advance This ensures that what we offer you is all legal and checked.

For this we have opened an office in Hurghada where Sabry does the overall check of the documents and guides you through the full process to complete everything successfully.

Get to know us

The Dutch Real Estate Egypt Team

Ted Arnoldus

Managing Partner

Ted's Story

Hi, I am Ted Arnoldus, born in The Netherlands in 1968 and married to Amanda, since January 2021. Together we have 2 boys, and I also have 2 daughters, who still live in the Netherlands. Many years ago I fell in love with Egypt, so together with Amanda we started Dutch Real Estate Egypt here. I worked in Transport and logistics my whole life. I have setup my own transport companies, where I met Amanda. In 2020 we decided to sell everything and to build a new life in Egypt. Egypt is really in my heart and we're working daily to expand our business in real estate, to hopefully find many more people a home in this beautiful country!

Amanda Arnoldus

Managing Partner

Amanda's Story

I am Amanda Arnoldus-Ijzendoorn. Born in the Netherlands in 1985  and married to Ted since January 2021. We have two little boys together, who love Egypt just as much as we do! Before I worked as a financial administrator. I also have a lot of experience in the tourism- and hotel world. For a long time I worked as a receptionist in a hotel and at various travel agency offices. Now I work in real estate, as me and Ted set up our Dutch Real Estate Egypt a few years ago. It all started when me and Ted went on a holiday to Egypt. I felt home immediately. The sun, the beach, the culture and the most important thing... really friendly people. Hopefully we can find you a home here also and make you feel the same way!

Jitka Svarickova

Partner in Czech Republic

Jitka's Story

My name is Jitka and I was born in 1972 in what was then Czechoslovakia. Before settling permanently in Egypt last year, I worked for many years as a special educator, later I ran a non-profit organization to help the sick and the elderly. Then, when I switched to freelance, it was always the first place for me to provide quality services to clients and customers. I am also a founding member of the Czech-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce. I have had Egypt in my blood since I was a child, when as a little girl I declared that I would live here. My childhood dream is now living a real-life and I am happy to help you realize your dream too. With Ted and his team, I offer professional real estate and investment services for the region of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can get your new home, holiday stay, or profitable investment with us, especially in Hurghada, but we also have a wider scope of other sought-after or newly offered areas, basically all over Egypt.
My direct contact: poland@dutchrealestateegypt.com


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

It depends on your wishes. Did you see already something on our website, it can be arranged fast.
We found our apartments in 1 week and finished everything in 1 month.

First you contact us, to tell us your wishes and your budget. From there we start to search for you. Maybe you have already found something and we can give you more information about it, like prices, contract, etc.

Off course we do our best. But maybe, on the moment you search there is nothing available that fits your wishes. We have to wait and search a bit longer. In the end we will definitely find you something.

We offer a large variety of  properties. We sell land, apartments and houses. But also compounds and hotels are in our portfolio.

Yes that’s possible. We can speak about what your wishes are. When you want to see an apartment or house we can go there and make a video. We also offer the option of a live video call.

First we will check the papers and the green contract.
After that we will value your property. We make up a contract between us, where you give us the permission to sell your property for you. After that we offer your property for sale!

We can take care of everything related to renting out your property. We offer it online, take care of the keys, the cleaning and make sure everything is working.

At this moment we don’t need anybody. You can always sent a message to us.