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With our years of experience in real estate we are ready to find you that home in Egypt

We are your dedicated partner for the purchase, sale or rental of your real estate in Egypt.

Because we believe in a personal approach, we guide you through the full process. From our first contact up to and including the signing of your purchase- or rental contract, we stay heavenly involved. Don’t worry, also after that we don’t let you go! When you have any questions, we are there  to advice and support you.

Let's Go On This Journey Together And Find Your Dream Home In Egypt

You were always dreaming of that home abroad. Egypt caught your eye and now it is time to make that dream come true! We love to find you that home, holiday home or apartment. Because our experience taught us that there is a home for everybody in Egypt.

We Would Like To Tell You Our Story

A Top Dutch Real Estate Agency In Hurghada? How did that happen?

Our experience in real estate over the world… How did we end up in Egypt? 

Buying or Selling your Home

As with finding you that perfect home, we an also help you to sell your property. You might be looking for something else or your property doesn’t fit your needs anymore. We can help you with this physically as well as over a distance.

The future of real estate

These days we don’t always buy a house or apartment to live. Maybe you want to buy it so you can rent it out. Also with this we can help you find the perfect tenant. 

loyalty as a core value

We guide you through the full process of your purchase, sale, rental or rent-out property. We believe in a personal approach and work on developing a longterm relationship with our clients


We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

As professionals we always strive to find you the property or buyer, that fit your needs best.


A Creative and Innovative Agency

There is always a home for everybody. We are dedicated from the start to find you that perfect place to live!


Connecting With The Client is Our Starting Point

You as our client are the center of our business. That means that together we'll find the path that makes us work together best


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

Loyalty, Honesty and Hard Work are our core values. That means that YOU are in very good hands!

you are in good hands

Dutch REal Estate Egypt

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